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Ian Prukner Content Day

December 18, 2021

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Ian Prukner Content Day
Ian Prukner Content Day
Ian Prukner Content Day

I don’t pick favorite clients, just like you don’t pick favorite kids… but if I did pick favorite clients…. Ian would be towards the top of the list. Perhaps it’s because him and his wife are good friends of mine, or that he is the photogenic, or that he does photoshoots 4 times a year.

Ultimately why I love working with Ian is because he allows me to come in as the creative director. We usually start on site at his house (bc I’m either staying at his Florida house hanging with the kids and Jessica) or because I’ll meet on site at the location he is at to make the process seamless. There actually was a time I flew into Siesta Key and ended up going shopping for him, LOL!

Ian is a leadership coach, business builder, and more! He 100% understands the importance of creating content for social media as he has grown his following 275,000 people in like 2 or.3 years! Check out his instagram and business here

Today we did photos in Rochester while he and the family were in town for Christmas.

Want to inquire for your own shoot? Do that here. If you are looking for a similar experience to Ian, that would be a VIP day photoshoot.

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