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Sarah St. John Branding Photoshoot

August 11, 2022

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Sarah St. John Branding Photoshoot
Sarah St. John Branding Photoshoot
Sarah St. John Branding Photoshoot

This 1/2 day brand photoshoot for the female entrepreneur who is rebranding was quite remarkable! We did 5 vibes for her session, each capturing a part of her. One of her main goals was to capture her energy of being loving, silly, honest, edgy, + compassionate. Between the locations, outfits, poses, and props we were intentional about capturing those parts of her. That is what a branding session is all about after all, isn’t it?

Sarah is an author, podcaster, coach and facilitates trainings. When asked how she got started in her line of work she responded, “I was working a nonprofit job that was underpaid and I was undervalued when my brother committed suicide in 2015. Within a year I left that job for a more fulfilling, freedom-based life of being an entrepreneur. I started with health coaching for women with chronic illness but eventually evolved into working with highly sensitive and empathic women doing healing work, training them in energy healing techniques, and business coaching. Now, as I’ve become a mother I am ready for my next evolution from Sarah Small to Sarah St. John.”

This brand session capture her evolution, enjoy her images and check out her work on social or her website (links at end).

vibe 2

vibe 3

vibe 4

vibe 5

Makeup: Glam By Andreea Team

Styling: Andrea K

Brand: Sarah St. John, website:

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